Alda’s Original – is a family-oriented company that is a combination of a homey atmosphere, friendly staff, and creative food made after old family recipes that never fail to impress.

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The Legacy that is Alda

9 Children
53 Grandchildren
97 Great-grandchildren
61 Great, great-grandchildren
2 Great, great, great-grandchildren 
– And all within her lifetime 

A Woman of Achievement Granny Alda and those early years!

I remember sitting in a rocking chair in the shade of my grandmother’s veranda, being rocked peacefully and gently in granny’s arms in the warm, cool Jamaican sun. The peace and tranquillity were interrupted by the arrival of a large package from overseas.

I wasn’t to know at the time, but with her actions, she was laying down the foundations and blueprint for the person that I would become. The abundance of her generosity and kindness was infectious and overwhelming.

You see, the contacts in her package were for her grandchildren, but she had other ideas. She would first remove all the name labels and let her grandchildren choose an item. Being so giving and selfless, she would then share with her neighbour’s children the remaining contents of the parcel.

Her generosity and kindness became my template as I grew up in her powerful presence. She was always there for anyone who needed help – even in her later years; she remained consistent, selfless, and generous to the end.

Alda’s Life-Lesson Snapshot

  • Be selfless and caring 
  • Give and forgive
  • Understand the value of sharing because there is always enough to go around.

Granny Alda would always say – make sure you give everyone a little something before you leave!



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